Thank You For A Wonderful 2014!

2014 Accomplishments

While setting goals and making plans for the new year, I like to take time to reflect. 2014 was another successful year for our show crew and for training clients in general. Thank you to all of those who are a part of this journey!!! Here are some accomplishments of 2014.

-Started 2014 Western Dressage Practice / Drill  Team 

- Hosted Western Dressage Clinic with clinician, judge, exhibitor & instructor: Kate Phillips.

- Finished WI Horse Council Open Show Judges Card (Mel Harms- Grossman)

-Represented MN Western Dressage group with board members at the WDAMN booth.

-Exhibited Western Dressage through Drill Team at the Woodloch Open House (Donna A,   Tammy G, Kara Thornton Geneeva C, Wanda W, Lori J & Sherie C)

- Presented Western Dressage learning program at North West Saddle Club (Mel)

-Western Dressage Show - Foley,MN (Tammy G, Donna A, Sherrie C, Kara T)

- WI Foundation QH show ( Kara Theis, Mel, Wanda)

- Western Dressage (Lakeview, Hugo MN) Donna A, Kara T, Lori J, Wanda W, Gayle C, Shan B, Heather G. Tammy G.

- AQHA show - Windom MN (Kara Theis, Mel)

-WI Foundation QH Show (Kara Theis, Mel)

-MQHA Show - Winona, MN (Kara Theis, Mel)

- Judge Trempealeau County Fair—WI  (Mel)

- Washington Co. Fair (Katie N & Josey and Paul A.)

- Western Dressage (NorthWest Saddle Club) Tammy G, Donna A, Kara T & Ernie for Gayle C with Mel Showing

- WI Foundation QH Show - WI (Wanda & Shannon W, Gayle C, Kara Theis & Mel)

- Western Dressage - Washington Co. MN (Kara T, Donna A, Tammy G.)

- FQHR World Show - Lincoln NE (Kara Theis with Dolly and Mel with Chico)

- SunRunner Ranch, Buffalo MN, OPEN for Training Business. Oct.2104 

- Judge Woodloch Schooling Show (Mel)

- AQHA World Show - OKC (Kara Theis with Dolly) Showing in Ranch Horse Pleasure.

Exhibitors improved scores through out the year and worked toward series and personal goals. Many exhibitors brought home first, second and third place ribbons at multiple shows!!! Congratulations to each horse and rider team on your 2014 show & personal accomplishments